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All men are not equal when it comes to waste generation : wastes from an American citizen reach 900 kg while a citizen of Malawi generates less than 100kg ! In a Western country, a 4 person family produces circa 2 tons of wastes each year among which 640kg of organic wastes and 240 kg of plastics. Check out the detailed figures, be it volumes or value, to be better prepared for your application.

Pictures from B Mouron and P Rostain : American wastes vs Malawi wastes

US citizen

Malawi citizen

Inspiring examples

Precious Plastics (Netherland)

Dave Hakens, dutch designer, has created modular plastic transformation devices (shredding, heating, moulding, …) using simple and widely accessible technologies. So far a 40 000_people community has emerged and several tens workshops use its technics.

Run chicken, run (France)

The Oléron island county has offered 2 chickens to each local families so that their organic wastes be eaten by the chicken. The eggs from the 2 chickens are eaten by the family.Several tons of organic wastes have been avoided

Algae bottle (Iceland)

An Iceland designer (Ari Johnson) has created a prototype of algae bootle i.e vegetal plastic. Once empty, the bootle is naturally dissolved after a few days. This prototype was displayed during the Reykjavik Design March festival.


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